CH BoJenx Brio Midnight Train To GA at Cibolo
CHIC # 62831
CERF -Normal
BTR-2518, BAER - Normal BR931/6FVPI,
BTR-CA162/19F/P-VPI -Normal - Patella's - Normal, BTR-PA1085/12F/P-VPI
Hips - Good - BTR-150G24F-VPI
Bred By Terry & Hayley Jenkins
Owned/handled Loved by Archie Gunter in Corpus Christi, TX of Cibolo Boston Terriers
Mindy is a beautiful black/brindle & white Boston.  
She is an elegant well structured Boston with a
superior topline and beautiful movement.  She has a
super sweet disposition and a wonderful temperament.  
Mindy started her show career in 2009 on a limited
basis, she is a larger Boston and needed a little time
to mature. Her career took off in 2011 at the BTCA
national specialty winning her class and placing in the
ribbons all three days of showing. Mindy became an
AKC Champion of record in the same city she was
born, Tucson, AZ.  We, along with Archie, are very
proud of this beautiful girl!

See Mindy's
Sire and Dam here.

Mindy's Ch offspring:
Ch Cibolo's Moonshadow Over BoJenx
Mindy's Offspring now showing:
Cibolo's Moonbeam
Mindy at a 14 months
Winners at Canada Del Oro, Tucson
Mindy with Papa Archie
Mindy's pretty head
Mindy chewing on her toy!
Mindy 8 weeks
Mindy 2 weeks
Show Record
Canada Del Oro KC, - 3/27/10 - Ms Dorothy B Taylor - W/B - 1 point - BBE
AZ White Mountain KC - 5/8/10 - Mr. LF Sosa - W/B, BOW, BOB - 1 point BBE - GP 3rd
AZ White Mountain KC - 5/9/10 - Mr. RJ Ambrosio - W/B, BOW - 1 point
Rio Grande Kennel Club, NM - 5/15/10 - Mr. Norman Patton - W/B, BOS - 1 point BBE
Flagstaff Kennel Club, AZ - 6/21/2010 - Mr. Col. Harold R. Brizee - W/B, BOS - 1 point - over 15 lb
Sahuaro State Kennel Club,Phoenix AZ, 2/2011 - Mr. Roland Pelland - W/B - 1 points - over 15 lb
San Fernando KC, Pomona CA - 5/27/11- Mrs. Sharon Krogh - W/B BOW -
4 point major - over 15 lb
Heart of the Plains KC, Lubbock, TX - 9-23-11 - Mrs Jane G Kay - W/B - 1 point - over 15 lb
Hart of the Plains KC, Lubbock, TX - 9-24-11 - Mrs Keke Kahn - W/B, BOW - 2 points - over 15 lb
Greater Sierra Vista KC, Tucson, AZ 11-20-11 - Mr. Bill Lee - W/B, BOW -
4 point major - over 15 lb
Greater Collin KC, Dallas TX, 12-9-11 - Mr. David Miller - Sel - 4 point major Gch points
Mindy on the table at the Tucson shows
Mindy in the back yard in a natural stand
Mindy & Hayley taking a group 3rd
Mindy's on the table in the Group Ring
BOB, BOW,W/B at White Mountain KC
Mindy with a group 3rd
Mindy showing at the BTCA National Club week in Reno, Mindy won her class at both the host club specialty shows and was third in her
class at the National show.  Mindy was in the open over class which was a very large class of dogs.  We are super proud of this girl!
Mindy showing her amazing movement and awesome topline!
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Mindy in Pomona, CA going W/B, BOW for a 4 point Major
Mindy in Lubbock, TX going W/B, BOW for a 2 points
Mindy finishing her AKC Championship in Tucson, AZ
(Mindy looks a little chubby in her finish picture because she is going to have puppies!!! )